Who is The Deckwrecka?


Deckwrecka – Another way to describe a deejay.. Not an iPod playlist maker, nor a memory stick purveyor, not a CD carrier or a Traktor driver… A real old school original raised on analogue decks and vinyl, dusty crate digger, breakbeat label cover upper, scratch technician, party dance floor rocker… You know.. All that good stuff, that really freshhh stuff because this is a culture and a lifestyle… Not an image, get rich quick scheme or a fad!

From the generation that replaced the electric guitar with turntables, we didn’t wanna be Jimmy Page, we wanted to be Jazzy Jay, Flash, Whizzkid, Cash Money or Jam Master Jay!

The Deckwrecka name came from being asked to describe what I did, I’d been asked to appear in an advertisement for the classic video game Mortal Kombat on the Nintendo, they put me on billboard ads all over the place, far and wide, alongside Ice T, I felt honoured, but labelling my occupation as simply deejay sounded to bland so I replied ‘Deck Wrecka’.. The rest as they say….is history..

agzi 04

As part of the legendary Ronin Collective I wrecked decks for H.E.L, Force and Kzee, 23 Skidoo, Daddy Skitz and the one and only MCD.

I’ve produced, remixed, released a series of six e.p’s, two albums, co-written with many artists new and old, deejayed in most spots you could think of and some more… Toured and supported or played alongside legends like Public Enemy, Schooly Dee, Naughty by Nature, Salt n Pepa plus more I can’t even recall just now..

It’s been a great ride so far, I’m currently working on an album project of collaborations with reggae artists old and legendary and new and fresh, it’s the most exciting project yet! I really look forward to unleashing it when it’s finally ready!

In the meantime I’ve set up this blog to share thoughts, opinions and experiences from a true school hip hop heads perspective on products, events and all things related to our ethos, culture, these times and way of life in which we find ourselves immersed, in other words… Whatever I’m getting down with at any given moment…

If it interests me, it may interest you? If you like what you find here, please share it, comment, holla back, it’s all good…

One Love.

Deckwrecka – Agzilla



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