Big Dutty Bass “Deckwrecka” Plugin Available for Free!


In conjunction with the infamous code master Chris j @ AirWindows we are proud to present a really cool little freebie ‘Deckwrecka’ plugin…

Throw it onto a 909 or 808 kick and see what happens as you slide that innocent looking lil slider about a third of the way…. Use it gently on the drum bus… Smash it on a sub bass..

Don’t forget to pass through the AirWindows site and see what the man really does.. His full set of tools is very comprehensive and a best kept secret… Some very cool specialist sonic weapons.. Remember where you heard it first and thank me later!!

His plugin are fully 64bit AU format, have no fancy GUI or overcomplicated stuff that goes wrong or bugs you.. but they sound brilliant.

‘In the Mix…. No One hears your Screen….’

Download the ‘Deckwrecka’ plugin here:

Check the full range at AirWindows Site:

Leave feedback..

One Love.


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