The Legend of the Golden Buckle..


The story begins as I’m sitting in front of the computer with no particular purpose..

I don’t really recall what led me there or if someone else had posted a link? At a push i’ll guess, although I might remember this wrong but there is a strong chance it was actually a Lee ‘DJ Def’ Lawrence post on Facebook that alerted me to the existence of the mighty Pyestar… Anyway…


Before we get too involved in the man behind the creation of this story, we need to take a short detour down memory lane, back into a time of Goose Country jackets, Straight leg jeans, Puma and Adidas sneakers with fat laces… yes fat.. NOT ‘phat’ that was later… A time when the art of Hip Hop was the foremost thing on the fledgling cultures radar, we were practising, building, taking part in and just being the phenomenon today recognised as Hip Hop and often mistaken for just ‘Rap Music’ (sic)

“Rap is something you do.. Hip Hop is something you live….” -KRS One

Rapping, Breaking, Graffiti, Deejaying, Knowledge… Peace, Unity, Love and having fun….. These were the pillars upon which our temple and lifestyle was built… We have strayed a long way from the tree as the fruit has fallen… Time moves on and we not only evolve but money corrupts… Nevertheless, beneath the surface sheen and disposable heroes lies a sleeping lion….

“No sell Out” – Malcolm X

I.S-LogoFIXED2So when I clicked the link and arrived at the InkStinkIzms page on facebook and saw what was being created there I was extremely impressed….

All the way back in those formative days, like many others I had got myself a shiny brass ‘name belt’ from the legendary Four Star General shop and was proudly rocking it for all to see along with my Kangol hat and Adidas boots..


So when I saw the original concept updated and presented with so much style I had to know more and more importantly I knew I just had to get me one of those….

No self respecting Old School Original Deejay could resist…


I reached out to the guy who later became known to me as Pyestar, on his page the true passion for Hip Hop culture was evident in this man’s work and his story was a familiar one to me…

Blown away by the style and finesse of the original New York graffiti scene, writers like Seen and Tkid, Skeme and Duster, Pyestar points out that The Subway Art book and Style Wars and Wild Style movies etc were our YouTube back in those days, our points of reference as the then new street culture swept the globe…..

Also influenced by the original UK graffiti pioneers such as The Chrome Angels and TDK… A young Pyestar began by imitating and copying styles, a kind of reverse engineering..  I personally can relate to this as I was doing the same with scratching and mixing at that time, listening to hissy cassette tapes of Deejays such as WhizzKid or Mixmaster Ice and trying to recreate what I was hearing..

Pyestar was from then on and still is an active writer, he still loves piecing whenever the opportunity presents itself, he remains dedicated and true to his art as a member of the KFO Crew, Although nowadays painting shares his time with work, being a father and his InkStinkizms custom made Hip Hop accessories business. He proudly lets it be known nevertheless that he’ll still never ever quit writing… Respect.

I find out that the origins of the custom bespoke belt buckles began with a young Pyestar using his school metal work lessons to make the cool name belt he so desired which he couldn’t afford to buy at the time…

“Out of adversity comes advancement…”

He recalled this story to a friend a few years back who suggested he tried making a graffiti style buckle which he did and recalls “It came out looking pretty good…”

Inspired by this he went in for more and refined his techniques and style… he remains grateful to Leon P for the suggestion that opened up this whole new direction for his creative energy…

227684_532332623457983_417553063_n When I mentioned the possibility of a Deckwrecka logo buckle the answer that came was an emphatic yes, It was  full circle for the Deckwrecka logo, originally designed many hazy years ago by my good friend and true old school pioneer writer BusOne of the legendary DDS crew, It seemed somehow fitting that the logo as designed by BusOne should be immortalised in metal, I remain ever thankful to Bus for the gift he bestowed upon me that fateful day…

So now my logo and I would be joining the ranks of Hip Hop legends such as Biz Markie, Hardnoise and even the classsic MC Duke as a proud owner of a custom Pyestar piece…

The process of making the buckle is exacting and requires a great deal of skill and even more patience..

The template is cut away by drilling out the metal surplus to requirements…


Then the rough shape is hand filed into shape and the uneven edges removed and refined.. leaving the raw unfinished form.


Finally the piece is polished and mounted to become a one off bespoke Pyestar Original!


Apparently this buckle was one of hardest he’s ever had to make..

I’m glad to contribute towards the advancement of his abilities! He tells me the most pleasurable and rewarding aspect of doing this is seeing people rocking his creations and knowing that they are pleased with them..

He also does a lot of community work and puts on events promoting the elements of Hip Hop. “Hip Hop culture is still important today as it still inspires kids to be part of something” he says, although like many other old school heads he feels that sometimes the commercial end of the industry can overshadow the true meaning behind the culture. He feels that this makes it even more important to push on and keep promoting and organising so that this generation of kids can have the chance to be exposed to the real elements of HipHop and see how they all connect… take part and live the culture.

Asked where his business is going? He replies that he’d just like to let it go where the future takes it… Sure it’d be good to get bigger but equally he’s happy now…

“New ideas never cease so new things are always on the horizon” – Dave Pyestar

I suggest that if your reading this and feeling the vibes that you need to head on over to his page and get in touch.. Prices depend on design and are all made to order as unique one off pieces.

Fill up his order book and grab yourself a piece of your own Hip Hop History.. I did!



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4 Responses to The Legend of the Golden Buckle..

  1. jason hillier says:

    just to know how much a EQUAL BELT BUCKLE WOULD COST? MANY THANKS

    • agzilla says:

      Hey Bro, follow the link and go leave the man himself a message, he’s a very cool guy and the price will depend on the design you agree on….

      Post back if you get a buckle!! Would love to hear about it… Peace.


  2. Dave Pyestar says:

    Thanks Mr Zilla that’s a nice piece! Props due! 🙂 btw £50ish for an Equal but go check the FB page 🙂

  3. Alfredo Flores says:

    I need a buckel with LONDON

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